Yelp + Mogl: It just makes too much sense.

Have you ever met two people and thought to yourself, “wow, those two have so much in common, they would be absolutely PERFECT for each other”? Well, the same thing happens in the world of websites and apps, too. Maybe you’ve heard of Yelp (who are we kidding, you probably used Yelp earlier today). And maybe you’ve even wished that you could get the same awesome cash back offers found on Mogl while you’re sorting through all those clever Yelp reviews. Well, we thought so, too. And today your wish comes true, my friend!

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with the popular review and local discovery site, Yelp, to allow all of our users to find cash back places faster and more conveniently than ever before! Mogl has always been about the customer experience. We know you love getting cash back. But we also know that many of you rely on Yelp as your primary discovery source to find stores and restaurants nearby. After doing some simple math, all of us agreed that being able to filter your Yelp results by “Cash Back” and earn real money through Yelp would be a total game changer! Introducing Yelp Cash Back.

To find cash back places, simply click the “Cash Back” navigation button or type in “cash back” in the Yelp search bar (on or the latest version of their iOS app):


Then, link your favorite debit and credit cards (just like on Mogl) and you’re all set to earn at tons of local places. Ready for some MORE awesome news? We now have about 9,000 restaurants (!!!!!) with more coming on fast, so you can get cash back just about anywhere you are. And be on the lookout for new categories coming soon: we won’t just be restaurants anymore.

Yelp web

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We can’t wait for you to see how simple and awesome it is to use Yelp not only as your local discovery engine, but now as a way to earn cash back every time you shop. See? We told you it made too much sense.