Restaurant Rewards App Lets Diners Donate Part of the Bill to the Hungry

Mogl is an app that offers users a more creative way to donate money to food banks whenever they decide to go out for a nice sit-down dinner. People who get involved can receive 10% cash back for eating out at a Mogl-friendly location, after which they also get to choose how much of that money they want to donate.

The company only recently switched to the new approach from a more traditional restaurant loyalty model that featured one-to-one giving. Even though there were over 500,000 meals donated and the app was growing at 60% a month, Mogl founder Jon Carder didn’t think the impact was big enough.


“I realized the food and hunger problem had ballooned out of control,” says Carder. “Fifty million Americans are meal insecure. A meal insecure person will miss 16 meals each month on average.”

Carder hopes the new model will be even more successful, and is already available in six metro areas that include San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Ventura County, Los Angeles, and Orange County. On top of the thousands of restaurants already taking part, Carder says he’ll move into any city where five restaurants and 100 members sign on.

“We’re trying to align everybody towards a single goal,” says Carder.


Source: FastCoExist

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