MOGL Becomes First Real-Time, Credit Card-Based, Rewards Program for Restaurants and Consumers

New Variable Cash-back Feature Enables Restaurant Owners to Help End Hunger in their Community and Increase Profits in Real Time

Mogl, the leading restaurant rewards program with a mission to end hunger, today announced that it is the first in its category with direct access to real-time data from Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Mogl’s relationship with the three major card issuers, combined with its proprietary technology, helps restaurants stay full by offering the right reward, at the right time. Since Mogl is fully automated, restaurants can increase profits without adding any extra work.

Through its new variable cash-back feature, restaurants can now choose to offer customizable, time-based, cash-back rewards to Mogl users that can be changed at any time throughout the day. This flexibility enables restaurant owners to increase cash-back to fill seats when they need it, or limit the rewards when it’s not necessary.

“Mogl’s one-of-a-kind technology acts as a powerful catalyst to get customers in the door when business is slow – and it also allows you to pull back when you’re already busy and don’t want or need to offer discounts,” said Jon Carder, CEO and co-founder of Mogl. “For consumers, Mogl is more exciting than ever because restaurants are now able to offer increased cash-back amounts such as 15%, 20% and even 30%, in order to win their business.”

Why Restaurants Choose Mogl:

It’s Effortless – Restaurant owners don’t have to train their staff or manage the rewards – Mogl is 100% automated and seamless, through secure credit-card tracking.

It’s Time-Based – Restaurant owners can customize their cash-back rewards by time of day to keep their restaurants full and limit discounts when they are already busy. Mogl will work with owners to determine the best reward to give at exactly the right time. Owners also have the ability to optimize their program on the fly.

It’s Affordable – Restaurant owners can leverage Mogl’s technology to gain unlimited customers for a simple flat monthly fee. No long-term contracts.

Mogl combines the best elements of local search with a rewards program focused on philanthropy, making it a unique opportunity for restaurants. Their technology helps restaurants acquire new customers by promoting them within the app and website, while driving loyalty through cash rewards and gamification. On average, Mogl guests spend 45% more per month and increases restaurant profits by more than $10,000 per year on average.

“We have been loyal to Mogl since they arrived in the Conejo Valley,” said Shawn Berger, director of operations at Bandit’s Bar and Grill (and a Mogl member since 2011). “We are excited about the new variable cash program as we can dedicate more focus to non-peak periods and drive even more business.”

What’s in it for Consumers:
Mogl is now an even more powerful tool for consumers to save money and give back to their local food bank when dining out. Instead of the traditional 10% cash-back benefit at any participating Mogl restaurant, they can now use the Mogl app to locate restaurants in their area that may be offering 20%, 30% or more throughout the day. Restaurants with the highest cash-back return (or offer) at any given time will rise to the top of the search list, making it easy to select a venue where they can save the most money – or make the largest impact by donating meals (all cash-back can easily be converted to meal donations via the Mogl app). The unique combination of cash-back rewards, discreet redemption, jackpot competitions and meal donations keep Mogl members coming back to the app again and again.

How it Works:

  •     Consumers sign up for Mogl for free online or via iPhone or Android apps and link any debit or credit cards of their choice.
  •     Consumers use that linked card to pay at any participating Mogl venue. The cash-back amount is determined by the offer that is live when they pay their bill.
  •     Consumers receive an alert on their phone and via email and with a finger swipe, they can choose to keep the cash-back or donate any or all of it to their local food bank.


Fighting Hunger

For every 20 cents a consumer donates via Mogl, a meal is provided through a local food bank to someone in need in that city. It’s like Tom’s Shoes for food. To date, Mogl members have donated more than 600,000 meals.

For restaurants interested in learning more about Mogl, visit

About Mogl:
Mogl is the leading restaurant rewards program with a mission to end hunger in the United States. Mogl’s automated program helps restaurants stay full by offering the right reward to the right customer at the right time, and allows customers to effortlessly earn cash-back on their purchases in real-time thanks to Mogl’s partnerships with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. With a swipe of their finger, customers can decide how much to receive in cash-back, or how many meals to donate to fight hunger in their city. To date, more than 600,000 meals have been donated to local food banks. Mogl was Co-­founded in 2010 by Jon Carder, Jarrod Cuzens and Jeff Federman. To learn more, visit or download the Mogl app for iPhone or Android. Connect with MoglApp on Facebook or Twitter.