$5 Million in CASH to Our Users and We Are Just Getting Started!

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We are excited to announce that we have reached one of our most significant milestones yet. Since launching in 2011, we have given back over $5,000,000 to Mogl users! That’s right! FIVE MILLION bucks in cold hard cash!


If you aren’t familiar with our platform, you might ask, what did these users have to do? That’s the fun part, all they did was use our app! They downloaded the app, linked it to their debit/credit card, and then went out to eat at any of our thousands of restaurants in over 250 cities.


Mogl users don’t have to pull out a coupon to get their cash back, in fact, they don’t even need to pull out their phone to use the app. They just pay with their card and instantly get 10-30% cash back to their Mogl accounts. Sounds too easy? It really is that simple!


We believe saving money should be easy. You don’t want to pull out a coupon just to get a discount, do you? In a recent post, we published the results of a survey we completed where we asked 500 people if they would use coupons on a date. 41% of those surveyed said they WOULD! Why? Because they want to save money, that’s why!


Well with Mogl, you can save money and still look cool in front of your date. Consider it the invisible coupon! Take your date to a fancy restaurant, pay with your card and your date has no clue you really just received a whopping 30% discount. Now you have the money to pay for dessert as well!


It’s not all about money though, and we’ve saved the best news for last. For every meal over $20, we donate 1 meal to a local food bank and in the last 5 years along with our Moglers, we’ve donated over 750,000 meals to charity!
Saving money and helping our community at the same time. That is what Mogl is all about! We want to thank all of our users who’ve allowed us to reach these milestones and look forward to giving back even more cash and meals to charity in the future!