MOGL Semiannual National Sales Meeting!

The MOGL sales and success teams came together for the semiannual National Sales Meeting. With forty-five people gathering, this doubles the number of attendees of the last meeting just six months ago.  The theme of “Salespocalypse” was in full force with the help of Chewbacca, who was kind enough to make an appearance during the morning introductions. In true MOGL fashion, lasers and a light show marked the end of daily deals. It’s time for MOGL to save the world!

Because a MOGL meeting wouldn’t be complete without some gamification, the sales and success team members got the opportunity to show off their skills in “Minute to Win it” games between the presentations given by all the departments. The first and one of the most popular games was “Chocolate Unicorn”, where you had to stack seven cookies on your forehead. Everyone had to have quick fingers for the next game, which was “Hanky Panky”. A tissue box had to be emptied by pulling out the tissues one by one. The third game, “Face the Cookie”, involved moving a cookie from your forehead to your mouth while using only your face muscles. Control had to be utilized during “Don’t Blow the Joker”. A deck of cards (with the Joker on the bottom) was stacked on top of a bottle, and you had to blow all the cards except the Joker off the bottle. Nicole Johnson, a success MOGL in Ventura, walked away as the winner of the “Minute to Win it” finals.

The National Sales Meeting ended on an exciting note with some announcements. To incentivize the MOGL teams even further, the execs announced the creation of the President’s Club. Once a team member reaches a certain percentage past his or her goal, he or she gets to go on a trip. And of course, because MOGL is all about recognizing its employees for all of their hard work, awards were handed out to our MVPs.