MOGL has a new Home!

MOGL may have a new address, but we’re still bringing that same attitude: MAKING THE WORLD’S ACTIVITIES MORE FUN!  We’ve uprooted our Solana Beach offices and high tailed it to the San Diego Tech Center in the heart of Sorrento Valley.  The Grassy tech campus allows us more room to stretch our paws, and comes equipped with gym, basketball court, and a five-acre Zen garden. Which has MO excited too!

Sticking with the MOGL motto for making activities more fun, we’ve taken that mind set straight into the work place.   The MOGL touch can be seen throughout the new office.  We said goodbye to the previous cold tile floors, windowless offices,  drab yellow paint, and blew out walls to create an open and inviting new space. Keeping it simple but classy, we now have the elements needed to foster those creative juices. 

All MOGL employees are centralized, sitting elbow-to-elbow in a think tank that encourages innovation and a long-term vision, a core value for MOGL employees.  The office is far from standard.  We’ve got the basics, like a fully stocked kitchen/bar, 20 person conference room, and entire walls covered in whiteboard paint for brainstorming.   Of course, we didn’t stop there! The MOGL office is complete with game room, relaxation room, and green Razor scooters for in-office transportation that embody the kind of fun we like to have around here.

We started with eating out in our quest to make the world’s activities more fun. Now with the new office in full swing, we’re making work more fun too!  Check out the Facebook page for some of the new office pictures and see how MOGL rolls! 
Check the MOGL Facebook Album here!