Invisible Coupons: Save Money on Your Bill Without Telling the World

Invisible Coupon card-linked offer

You are on a first date and you picked one of the nicest restaurants you could find. After a great meal, you and your date agree to call it a night and you make that casual motion to your server, waving your finger to signify “check, please.” Then you look into your date’s eyes.. and fish for a coupon which will get you 25% off your meal.

That romantic dinner is suddenly 25% less romantic than it was a moment ago. Probably even less once you compound that. But hey, it’s not your fault! The online deal said that over 309 other people had done the same thing!


Traditional Coupons = Embarrassing


We LOVE saving money. In fact, since 2011, we’ve saved our users over $5 million dollars but that’s not what we are really proud of. We are proud that our users saved this money without the embarrassment of pulling out a paper coupon or flashing a coupon code on their phone.


Saving Money = Cool


What if…there was a way to save money and not broadcast your savings to everyone in the restaurant? Turns out, there is! It’s something called Card-Linked Offer Technology, but that’s a pretty buzzword-boring name. So, we decided to invent our own name for it.


Saving Money Discreetly = Even Cooler


We call it the invisible coupon because that’s exactly what it is. INVISIBLE. As far as everyone else is concerned, you just paid full price for that fancy meal but what they don’t know is you just received a fat discount right back to your card.


Here is how it works:

  1. Add debit/credit cards to the app

  2. Use that card at a participating merchant

  3. Instant savings to the card


10-30% right off your dinner check and not even your waiter knows you just saved all that cash! Sounds great? IT IS GREAT! Unless of course you like paying with the same type of paper coupon your great grandparents were using 100 years ago or…just hate the idea of saving money. But if you fall into either of those camps you probably didn’t make it this far anyways.


Like the idea of saving money without the whole world knowing? Check out our App on the Android or Apple store and start saving today at any of our thousands of restaurants in over 250 cities across the US!