$10 for sign up and $10 for signing up your friends!

Who doesn’t need some extra cash for the holidays? At MOGL, we’re in the giving spirit and hope you are too. The new $10 for $10 program adds a little incentive to giving the gift of MOGL- presents that won’t be subjected to your classy newspaper wrapping. You’ll get $10 each time one of your friends signs up with MOGL, while they also receive $10 just for starting to use MOGL! You’re giving them $10, they’re giving you $10, and MOGL is paying you both!

 When you sign up a friend just make sure they use your personalized referral code, which is your full  name (i.e. JohnDoe), Then they’ll get $10 and you’ll get $10 as soon as they start using MOGL!

MOGL- the gift that gives year round!